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Sic bo tips

Sic Bo Tips – Tips for Winning at Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a game of chance, however, there are still tips to help you win at Sic Bo. So before playing online Sic Bo have a look at the following tips.


Sic Bo is fun – so don't forget to keep things light. Some will claim that remaining relaxed actually helps you win. Whether this is true for Sic Bo is a little dubious, however, staying relaxed will certainly help you have more fun whilst playing Sic Bo, so do it.

Familiarize Yourself

If you are a novice to online Sic Bo or casino 식보게임 Sic Bo, take a little time to look over the Sic Bo table and to understanding it. It looks quite complicated to start with, but if you spend a few minutes figuring it out you will see how simple it really is. This will give you 2 advantages. Firstly, you will feel completely relaxed and in control whilst playing Sic Bo. Secondly, you will be less likely to make silly Sic Bo mistakes. In the same vein, just because a game is straight forward doesn’t mean that you should go into it ill informed. Sic Bo is one of the, if not the, simplest games to learn and play, but you must understand the rules of online Sic Bo and casino Sic Bo before you start playing. In terms of online Sic Bo, free play is a good way to get started, because here you can get hands on experience of the game without risking money.

Controlling your Money

In games of chance, its your bets that you have control over rather than the outcome of the roll. Therefore read up a little on betting systems before you start playing online Sic Bo or casino Sic Bo for real money. Know the odds of the online Sic Bo site that you're playing on – in fact the payout percentages of the 식보 Sic Bo site should play a reasonable part in whether you choose to play there or not. In order to make your money last longer why not aim for regular smaller wins rather than playing for the one big win. For example if you bet "small" or "big" you don't get a huge payout, only even money, but you are going to win this bet far more regularly than the large payout Sic Bo bets. If you do want to push the boat out a little, then make a medium size Sic Bo bet for example, doubles. This will pay out at 10 times your bet, and isn't an infrequent result. Finally, Make the smaller bets bigger, and the bigger bets smaller. For example, in Sic Bo you'll be paid out 180-1 as the biggest payout. The reason for that is that it’s very unlikely. Therefore placing a big bet on an outside chance Sic Bo bet is unnecessary, as a bet of just $1 will make you heaps. Conversely, a $1 bet on an even money wager isn't going to make you a millionaire; for these it's worth putting more money on.

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