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Overview of deposit methods

Online Casino Deposit Methods – Deposit Options at Online Casinos

There are many options to make deposits into an online casino account. Players need to find out which online casino deposit method suits them best.


E-wallets come in a number of different shapes with a number of different features. Click2Pay for example is one of the better known e-wallet options; in operation since 2004, Click2Pay offers the opportunity to pre-fund your Click2Pay account via Direct Debit, ACH or Credit Card – you can then use this pre-funded credit to deposit money into you online casino account. The Click2Pay site is very easy to navigate and the process of payment very straight forward. Neteller is a name that you will certainly come across in the online casino world. Neteller deals in a lot of different currencies and can be debited and credited with Credit Cards, Direct Deposits, Electronic Funds Transfer or Wire Transfer. To make a deposit to an online casino using Neteller it won't cost you money, the transfer is carried out immediately, and often casinos will offer you an added bonus for using Neteller. 카지노사이트 Firepay is probably the oldest of the e-wallet options, and works in much the same way as Click2Pay and Neteller. Moneybookers offers something a little different. With most e-wallet options you must have an account and the person you're dealing with must also have an account. With Moneybookers, you can send funds to anyone with an email address, making Moneybookers the widest reaching of all e-wallet options. In terms of comprehensive e-commerce solutions; citadel and MyCitadel have been providing commerce solutions for 17 years already. Today it allows for all types of deposit and withdrawal, including ATM. The advantages with this type of payment system is that they keep your personal details hidden from the merchant, they are widely accepted, easy to access and control, and enable high speed transactions.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards may come in the shape of a PrePaid ATM card which is an online card but also a physical bank card that can be used as a debit card, ATM card, and money transfer card. Another form, is the EcoCard which can be funded with a bank transfer or a credit card. The advantages of these prepaid cards are that they enable you full up to the minute control of your finances, whilst completely protecting your personal information.

Credit Card

Using a credit card to make a deposit to your online casino account is just like making a payment to any other type of merchant with your credit card.

Wire Transfer and Bank Transfer

A wire transfer and a bank transfer work on the same basis, except that the wire transfer does not require a banking account, but rather can be done with cash through a wire transfer outlet.


To make a deposit at an online casino using a check is just like writing a check to anyone else. You will have to find the mailing 실시간바카라 address of the casino management and confirm that they do accept personal checks. Different methods will come with different rewards, limitations, waiting periods, and commissions. Each of these will be detailed on the online casino site.

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Online casinos, just like land-based casinos, run a number of promotions for the following reasons. To maintain an atmosphere of fun and excitement To attract a larger number of players To give existi


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